Fall, Faith and Football

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Fall, Faith and Football

Fall is my favorite season of year.  The temperatures are cooler and the trees start to change colors into a beautiful display of red, yellow and orange leaves. The scent of burning wood coming from bonfires reminds me of my childhood in Michigan.

But the best part of fall is that it is football season! (Sorry- not the pumpkin spiced latte!)  I LOVE football.  I mean- I really, really, really love football.  I am especially passionate about college football.  I am a Big 10 gal.  I attended undergraduate at Michigan State University and law school at the University of Michigan.  The football programs are a large part of the cultural and social scenes on both campuses and it was an important factor in my decision to attend those schools.  At one point I seriously considered a career in the football industry.  I interned for a sports agent in Boston who represented football players and I was actually a certified NFL agent for a while. So, yes, I am pretty serious about my football.

A few weeks ago, the newest class of retired NFL players was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  I happened to turn on the television that evening and the induction ceremony was being broadcast on ESPN. Curious, I sat down for a few minutes to watch it.  Three hours later, I had watched the entire ceremony.  I was mesmorized by it (clearly I need to get out more often).  Each of the honorees had an opportunity to speak (some of them way longer than they should have) and they each shared their personal journey of getting into the Hall of Fame.  Their stories were filled with tragedy, heartbreak, love, triumph and resilience.  Many of the honorees had to overcome enormous obstacles to follow their passion in life. Their words were inspiring and of course it got me to start thinking.   

I noticed several consistent themes in each of the honoree’s speeches.  The theme that resonated with me the most was their unwavering faith in God.  Each retired player spoke passionately about his belief in a higher power and emphasized that his football career was a part of bigger plan.   The men emphasized their hard work and dedication to their sport but acknowledged that it was not just their brut strength that took them to this level of achievement.  And then it hit me! Under the principles of the Law of Attraction, these guys manifested their way into the NFL Hall of Fame!!  Each player set a clear intention to be the best football player they could be.  In many ways they were obsessed with it.  And they combined that intention (desire) along with their incredible work ethic (ie., energy out in the Universe) and their faith in a higher power to manifest the desired result.  WOW- that is pretty darn cool. 

I thought to myself- “Why the hell can’t I do that??”  And then I said- “Hold on a second, if they can do it, so can I”.  I will be the first one to admit, I struggle with faith piece.  Faith has always been a hard one for me.  I often need to see something to believe it. It is that practical lawyer in me. Show me the evidence!  Well, faith works in the reverse. You have to believe first to see the results that you desire.  I decided that evening that I was going to work on developing my faith muscles. I wanted to manifest some cool sh*t into my life too!! Maybe not the NFL Hall of Fame but I have awesome dreams too! So I pulled my vision board out of my office and put in my bedroom so I couldn’t ignore it.  I look at it every day.  Multiples times.  The more I look at the images, the more I feel like these things are already in my life. They are mine to have and hold. 

One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Wayne Dyer, says this “ You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality”.   In a strange way, those football players reminded me that I can create the life I want simply by setting my mind to it and having faith.   Yes- there will be obstacles, but they are part of the path.  But if I believe, I will receive.

So as I watch the football players run into the endzone on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and make a sign up to the sky, it will be my reminder to remember my intention and whisper a little prayer.

As always- GO BLUE😊

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